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Why is the DL So Crowded?

What is up with the multitude of players being put on the shelf in the Major Leagues? It seems like every day at least one more player gets put on the DL.

For what? Jammed thumb, bruised arm, severe hangnail? The old-timers would rub dirt on it and walk it off. They would spit on the DL, if there even was such a thing back then.

A manager needs to be a personnel director in order to keep track of his 25 players. Let’s see, this one is on a rehab assignment in Paducah. That one is on bereavement leave. This guy is out for at least a month. This one couldn’t hit water if he was throwing from a boat, let’s send him to our ‘A’ team till he works out the wrinkles. See what I mean?

It is ridiculous. How come everybody is getting hurt? Line drives hitting them in the nose. Pitchers hitting them in the elbow. Batters fouling pitches off their own knee. Every year you can count on some players to hit the DL at least once. You know the names. Pedro Martinez, Mike Hampton, Randy Johnson, Jim Thome, Nick Johnson, Kerry Wood, Mark Pryor (if he even plays at all), Scott Rolen, Jim Edmonds, Chipper Jones, ad nauseum.

Last season the Reds had three shortstops out of commission: Alex Gonzalez, Jeff Keppinger and Jerry Hairston, Jr. I know most of the time it isn’t their fault, but sometimes it is. A southpaw pitcher comes out of a game, steamed, and punches the water cooler with his left hand.Come on, millions of dollars and you are going to take care of your money maker like that? Give me a break.

I’ve said it before, but I don’t recall guys in the ’50s and ’60s getting hurt badly enough to come out of the game, let alone go on a list. I’m sure it happened, but I guarantee it didn’t happen at the rate it does now.

It could possibly all boil down to money. In the day, players had to actually have a “real” job in order to feed the bulldog. Today, most of them make more in an hour than you probably make all year. So a question isn’t really a question, if you know the answer too (John Prine).


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